Laser Toning is a treatment that involves low fluence energy shot multiple times and periodically onto the skin to reduce pigmentation and improve skin tone. It can offer complete rejuvenation, while allowing the skin to return to the health of its youth.

레이저 토닝은 피부 조직의 손상을 최소화해 피부 속 깊은 진피층의 멜라닌 색소를 선택적으로 파괴함으로써 기미, 점, 주근깨와 잡티 등을 줄이고 피부톤을 개선하는 시술법입니다. 동시에 콜라겐을 생성하는 섬유아세포를 자극하여 모공치료, 리프팅 효과까지 있어 젊고 건강한 피부를 되찾아주는 시술입니다.




Hollywood Peel from Lutronic on Youtube.




1. What does the treatment feel like?

Expect mild warmth and a slight “snapping” sensation as the laser glides over your skin. The process is quick, and most patients easily tolerate it with no pain or discomfort.


2. Is there any downtime?

First-time patients should schedule treatment a week before any significant events to ensure your skin tolerates the procedure well and to flush out any purging that may occur after your pores are cleared out. If you’ve had a Hollywood Laser Peel previously, you can have the procedure done on the day of your special event to achieve a youthful, glowing complexion!


3. How long is the treatment?

While a single session can noticeably improve skin, you will see more dramatic, longer-lasting results with a series of three-monthly treatments. The Hollywood Peel is so gentle and effective that you can maintain your results with one treatment per month indefinitely.




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