Valmont AWF5: V-line Lifting Eye Cream - 50ml

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Size 15 ml
Lifting eye cream

Immediately tightening, anti-wrinkle treatment
Its 5-point lifting action smoothes wrinkles, enhancing the eye area and reducing puffiness.


The eye contour’s newest hero!
This cream fights against fine lines and wrinkles for long-term effect, while minimizing puffiness.

Its formula is concentrated with active ingredients targeting 5 key factors of youthful skin:
. protects from free radicals that age skin;
. tightens tissue for a rested appearance;
. plumps skin for a younger look;
. regenerates tissue to improve firmness;
. reduces wrinkles on a long-term basis.

Eyes are visibly lifted and youthful with a radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types.


AWF5 Complex powerfully firms and fights wrinkles for 5 key youth factors:

. The antioxidant Vitamin C protects skin and stimulates collagen-producing fibroblasts;
. The fibro-boost stimulates collagen and elastin;
. The GAG-boost promotes glycosaminoglycans production;
. Densi-Derm tightens fibers;
. The Peptides Cocktail repairs wrinkles.


Morning and/or evening, dab product around the eye area.