Valmont Firmness: V-firm Serum - 30ml

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A savant formulation of skin science and sheathing veil of sensoriality, V-Firm Serum places its focus on elasticity and tone. Proven, bioavailable ingredients that the dermis understands for targeted action on lost volume in the face contour and flaccid, gravity-impacted skin.

Designed specifically for complexions showing signs of maturity, this sumptuous serum brings back the bounce for plumper, firmer skin. Suitable for all ages and skin types. Particularly beneficial for skin prone to dryness.


  • Peptide cocktail for collagen production: Matrikine peptides to regulate skin cell activity by “talking” to their specific receivers, reorganize the extracellular matrix and promote cell proliferation, two mechanisms that diminish with age. Collagen synthesis is intensified, and dermal tissue enriched for newfound firmness
  • Density Complex for density and elasticity: a powerful combination of vitamin C, lysine and proline amino acids essential to promote collagen production, a glucosamine derivative for moisture, Immortelle flower extract for optimal cohesion of dermis components, and copper, indispensable for collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Triple DNA for vitality: Valmont’s signature molecule of exceptional anti-aging properties that stimulate all cell functions (hydration, restoration, renewal and metabolism).
  • RNA Liposome for harmony: this particular liposome entraps RNA and urea inside a phospholipid membrane to energize and stimulate healing
  • Milk protein (whey) for elasticity: stimulates cellular interaction and collagen production for greater elasticity in the skin


Mornings and/or evenings, apply a few drops to the face and neck. Massage lightly with gentle effleurage touches until fully absorbed. Continue with V-Firm Eye and V-Firm Cream to complete your daily firming ritual.