Swiss Line Cell Shock White: Facial Cleansing Foam – 160 ml

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The Cell Shock White cleansing foam removes make-up and pollution residues, imparts freshness, and leaves the face impeccably clean and bright.

The balmy-gel texture of the Facial Cleansing Foam surprising houses quartz silica which performs a skin-friendly, yet cumulative micro-exfoliation; less aggressive, more polishing than a classic mechanical exfoliation, freeing skin from cellular debris for a truly refined and even skin texture. 


  • This formula leaves the face impeccably clean and bright while providing soothing and anti-redness benefits
  • Performs a skin-friendly, yet cumulative, micro-exfoliation to enable a perfect even skin surface and reveal skin translucency beyond expectations


After washing hands thoroughly, wet the entire face with lukewarm water. Deliver a small amount of the cleanser into a palm.

Rub hands together gently to spread the cleanser over both hands, try not to build the foam at this point. Apply the cleanser by rubbing hands along entire face.

The cleanser will transform into a silky foam as you spread it onto your forehead, along cheekbones and nose, and chin.

Avoid the immediate eye contour. Rinse off by splashing water onto your face or use a very soft, damp facial sponge.