Swiss Line Cell Shock White: Facial Brightening Mask – 50 ml

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The soft non-drying cream-mask is applied with a silk brush for an even and smooth application, creating a thin veil of pure pleasure. It remains creamy and comfortable until removed.

Most skin types looking for an immediate brightening/pleasurable healing ritual

Consumers concerned with brightening and improving the evenness of their complexion


  • Instantly brightens and lightens skin complexion
  • Infuses skin-friendly detox properties, providing immediate decongesting, draining and super brightening benefits
  • Contributes to reducing the size of pores for an even skin complexion
  • Leaves the skin smooth and comfortable, ultimately filled with natural glow and vitality


To be applied once or twice a week on a perfectly cleansed face using the silk brush provided.

The mask can be applied all over, including around the eye area (however, be careful to avoid contact with the eyes!).

After each use, wash the silk brush with running water and leave it to air-dry. Allow to set for 10 to 15 minutes before removing with running water or, better, a moistened sponge.

For better results, apply Facial Brightening Essence both before and after applying the mask.