Swiss Line Cell Shock Body: Decolleté & Bust Beautifying Serum

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An immediately tightening gel serum to address texture and density of the decolleté area, including the bust. Formulated with a minimal number of actives to respect the sensitivity of these areas, and also to guarantee a safe product for the bust area.

  • Firms the skin and improves density
  • Smoothes the surface for a less dry and creased appearance
ITS INGREDIENTSActive Ingredient Technology:
  • Marine Collagen - Used in a higher molecular weight that in Swissline Face, marine collagen promotes a filling and plumping effect of soluble collagen. This offers an immediate 'second skin' enveloping effect, which results in a plumper and more even texture
  • Marine Elastin- Included in a low molecular weight to deliver amino acids and natural occurring peptides deeper into the skin


Apply a thin layer of the serum around the breast area, in an upward motion towards the decolleté. Apply onto decolleté, and on sides of the bust (from back to front).