Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence: Skin Friendly Cleanser Face and Eyes - 150ml

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Applied like a classic emulsion-milk cleanser, it is soap-free and uses the same technologies used to make “micellar water,” yet it is textured like a gel to create a sophisticated feeling that simultaneously hydrates and refreshes.
It makes cleansing and makeup removal much easier


  • Reduces redness and maintains skin's balance
  • Leaves the skin perfectly soft and supple
  • Recommended for all skin types


Pour a small amount of the cleanser into the palm of your hands and apply to dry skin. Gently massage over the face and eye area to dissolve all the makeup. To remove, use a cotton pad and gently wipe over the face and eyes. It can also be rinsed off with water.

Note: Even though it is a gel, the product won't foam which is why we apply it on dry skin. Skin-Friendly Cleanser is not adapted for waterproof makeup.