Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence: Radiance Booster – 20 ml

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A flash of positive energy and freshness, this booster envelops the skin in the goodness of Vitamin C, toning the skin, reversing photoaging, and making the complexion look younger and more vibrant. The key ingredient, Stay-C® 50, registered as a quasi-drug in Japan, has been clinically shown to reverse the signs of aging and brighten the skin. Like the other Age Intelligence Boosters, it has been formulated to mix into anything we can call skincare.

In topical use, vitamin C is of real benefit for the skin. Recognized as an antioxidant, it illuminates the complexion and reduces the signs of age. Vitamin C tones the skin when used over a prolonged period. Water-soluble in its pure form, it is more stable in the form of a powder. Here we offer a formula combing pure L-ascorbic acid  - the most active, yet less stable for a vitamin C - and an ascorbic acid salt form, which greatly contributes to better stability of the very high concentration used. 


  • Results in a fresher-looking skin, vibrant and younger complexion
  • Prolonged use contributes greatly to firmer skin
  • Reverses photo-aging at the cellular level with strong anti-oxidant power


Radiance Booster can be applied am and/or pm as needed, mixed in the palm of the hand with the Recovery Serum for maximum results, or directly in your usual cream for a boost.