Shiseido Future Solution LX: Legendary Enmei Ultimate Brilliance Eye Cream - 15ml

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This luxurious anti-aging cream revives and brightens eyes, targets the appearance of dullness, dark circles, sagging, wrinkles, and tension between the eyebrows. Formulated with our rare Legendary Enmei Complex and SublimActive to support the natural cycle of cellular turnover. This luxurious moisturizing eye cream absorbs smoothly and renews the skin around the eyes with a blend of rare ingredients that target multiple signs of aging, help strengthen the skin’s barrier, and help promote collagen production. Bring the ultimate brilliance to eyes for a timeless luminosity and vibrant, youthful-looking eyes. Features a Magatama eye massager, made out of high-grade porcelain, to further soothe and relax muscles around the eyes.


  • Legendary Enmei Complex: a proprietary anti-aging ingredient compromised of Legendary Enmei Herb and Green Treasured Silk, slows down the appearance of visible signs of aging, and inhibits the reduction of antioxidant factors
  • Camellia Seed Extract: known to help support the natural cycle of cellular turnover
  • Akoya Pearl Shell Extract: reduces skin dullness and soothes skin
  • Iris Root Extract: visibly improves sagging
  • Shikwasa Extract: improves declined skin barrier function
  • 4MSK: helps prevents and improves the look of dark spots


Use the narrow end of the tool to scoop cream and place on fingertip. Dab on five areas (inner corners, under eyes, outer corners, eyelids, above and between the eyebrows) around each eye and smooth with fingers. Blend cream into skin by circling fingers around eyes 3 times. Then, massage around the entire area 3 times.