Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale: The Rich Cream - 50ml

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Size 50ml

Orchidée Impériale The Rich Cream is an exceptional complete care that helps to regenerate ten vital layers of dry skin to preserve, regenerate and prolong 12 signs of youth. A pioneer in the science of longevity through the orchid, Guerlain Research is for the first time combining the high regeneration of Orchid Totum™ technology with the high nutrition of the orchid oleo-concentrate to activate and extend skin’s longevity and increase its regeneration fivefold.

Skin is visibly younger for longer. The Rich Cream’s mimetic lamellar texture fuses perfectly with skin for intense nutrition and a non-greasy finish. Its formula is made up of 96% naturally-derived ingredients. The Rich Cream is now refillable.

The Rich Cream’s unique texture has a “millefeuille” structure that mimics the lamellar phases of the epidermis and is designed to amplify the diffusion of the orchid’s active ingredients through skin’s multiple vital layers up to 15-fold.


It is infused with three ingredients bio-inspired by the lipids found naturally in the epidermis to optimise its affinity and fusion with skin: a high-tech stabilising emulsifier, notably consisting of lysine, whose structure is comparable to the ceramides in the epidermis. Jojoba ester and plant squalane, similar to the waxes that make up human sebum.


Warm a small amount of cream between your fingertips and apply simultaneously with both hands all over the face. Make alternating walking movements with the fingertips all along the nasolabial fold. Make downward rubbing movements between the brows and slide to the temples. Repeat these downward movements along the nasolabial fold and slide to the ears. Firmly slide hands held vertically from the middle of the face towards the ears.