Guerlain Abeille Royale: Honey Treatment Night Cream - 50ml / 50ml (Refill)

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Size 50ml

Inspired by clinical repairing honey bandages, Honey Treatment Night Cream concentrates the bee products chosen by Guerlain research to correct 4 visible marks of everyday collagen loss linked to ageing. Wrinkles are reduced, skin becomes denser and recovers its plumpness. The face is redefined and looks visibly younger. Its formula contains 95% naturally-derived ingredients.

It is manufactured using a formulation protocol creating a filler texture with a bandage effect that seamlessly becomes one with skin, impregnating all the epidermal layers with youth-repairing active ingredients.


Formulated with 95% naturally-derived ingredients, Honey Treatment Night Cream is powered by advanced Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology, the combination of 4 youth-repairing honeys and an exclusive royal jelly. It is combined with polyfragmented hyaluronic acid and a pro-elasticity peptide extract to deliver the highest efficacy to the deep layers of the epidermis.


Apply in the evening to the face and neck after Advanced Youth Watery Oil. Follow the Guerlain spa facialists’ application technique:

  • Sculpt: Place your right index finger bent under your chin in a hook shape. With your index finger, make smoothing strokes under the jaw, from the chin to the ear. Repeat this smoothing step over the outline of the face and the cheeks.
  • Lift the neck and decolleté: Fold your fingers and place your fist under your jaw. Slowly and with firm pressure, smooth using the phalanges moving down along the neck. Make this movement all over the neck and then the décolleté.