Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale: The Sleeping Serum - 30ml

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Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Sleeping Serum offers exceptional nocturnal regeneration. It targets sleep wrinkles and decongests the face. It offers the benefits of additional hours of sleep for the skin.

On waking, the skin is fresh, unwrinkled and radiant.

Thanks to a powerful duo of orchids, Night Cell Respiration™ Technology delivers all its age-defying power on the skin to combat the nocturnal hypoxia peak, i.e. when the oxygen deficiency in the cells is at its height and the lying position compresses certain areas of the skin which hinders flow of fluids. The skin appears regenerated.

Combined with a plant extract with firming and soothing properties, it helps combat wrinkles and face puffiness caused by lying down, so the skin looks rested on waking.

The revolutionary micro-emulsion formula is in perfect harmony with the skin: its microdroplets thinner than skin cells work inside the epidermis for a highly sensorial, diffusing action.


Apply the Sleeping Serum in the evening using the massage technique developed by experts at the Guerlain Institute to optimise the intense, targeted action of this serum.

Place the fingers horizontally on either side of the face (parallel with the lower jaw).

Then, lightly tap with fingertips over the face, moving outwards from the centre.

Repeat this gesture moving up to the forehead. Repeat a second time.

Apply pressure at points around the mouth, on the temples and between the eyebrows to boost cell energy.