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SilkPeel Dermalinfusion

Silkpeel is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure. It provides simultaneously exfoliation, evacuation and delivery of condition-specific topicals. Silkpeel Dermalinfusion offers advanced skin care for almost every skin type and condition. The diamond tip wand exfoliates damaged skin cells, evenly abrading the top layer of the skin in order to deliver targeted formulations to the dermis. The Dermal infusion process delivers specially-formulated solutions deep into the skin offering customizable, effective and immediate results with no downtime. It is a clinically proven concept of skin resurfacing guaranteed to sooth, clarify, brighten and hydrate the skin for a renewed appearance.

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Hydration Ritual is a slow, delicate, and singularly relaxing massage facial that targets the lymphatic system to improve fluid flow. This treatment fills the epidermis with water to reveal vibrant, supple, re-plumped skin.

Energy Ritual is a dual energizing and relaxing massage focused on the vascular system. This treatment revitalizes the skin by stimulating cell oxygenation and dissolving any sign of fatigue. The skin revels in newfound energy and vigor, while the complexion appears fresh and radiant.

Acne / Purifying

Detoxifies and desincrusts, the skin from excess sebum, toxins and impurities.  The results are immediately visible. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and pored are minimized, leaving the complexion pure, clear and refreshed. Extraction included

Firmness and Lifting Ritual

Firmness and Lifting Ritual is a deep tissue massage for the face to heighten the skin’s firmness and lifting  to reveal visibly younger skin with enhanced volume definition. The movements in the treatment include deep kneading, palpating and rolling as well as powerful smoothing motions.

PREMIUM Collagen Facial

An icon of Valmont expertise, this mask uses the latest medical data to imbue the skin with reparative, dermo-tensor collagen. In just 30 minutes, it intensely hydrates, soothes and plumps tissue, and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. The face looks transformed. The complexion breathes radiant freshness. Suitable for all skin types, either as a one-off beauty boost or 5-week treatment.

Swissline Whitening Facial

Powerful brightening and de-aging actives help treat and prevent skin pigmentation. This facial resulting in brightening, glowing and toning appearance to the skin. Merging the best anti-aging skincare with the most advanced brightening technology. This treatment is ideal for clients looking to target pigmentation, aging skin, uneven skin tones, and achieve an overall brighter, luminous complexion.

Teen Facials

TEEN FACIALS are often designed to specifically address breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin. Teen facials typically begin with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions. A healing mask will then help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles

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Body Massage

Our experienced therapists will help you restore, maintain and enhance your well-being – whether you have occasional aches and pains, chronic problems or just want to feel less tension overall

Scalp Treatment

A healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. Beyond the attention paid to the hair fiber – to the hair itself – there is an essential step: taking care of the scalp.

Although it should be at the heart of any "beautiful hair" routine,it’s still too often neglected. Our therapist will diagnose the condition of you scalp and hair then, Using Rene Furtere  hair care line.Will exfoliate, massage scalp,neck and decollete, shampoo and mask. Finish with home care routine.

Body Scrub


SCRUB using our signature blend of essential oils and salt ,Signature Scrub will provide you with a wonderful exfoliation experience. Followed by an application of a heavenly body butter, this treatment will leave you with glowing and smoother skin.


Body Wrap


This creamy paste offers all the indispensable elements for the body to regenerate and recover its energy. The wrap provides a pleasant heat sensation, that soothes the muscular tensions and activates the microcirculation to optimise the assimilation of active ingredients. This care offers all the minerals and trace elements contained in the sea. Guarana activates lipolysis, drains and stimulates the exchanges.The body, free from its tensions, recovers energy and vitality.